The Black Swan Project 2014 Ashhurst Wetlands, Ashhurst
The Ashhurst Domain & Wetlands are home to a number of species of birds. On the 20th July 2014 while I was photographing the wetlands. I saw 2 adult Black Swans with 3 cygnets. I thought it would be a great idea to photograph the growth and progress of the cygnets on a weekly basis.
The water level in the Wetlands is dropping fast, if nothing is done to help fix the problem, the Wetlands will be completely dry within a few weeks and the bird life will disappear.
Week 1. 20th July 2014
Week 2. 27th July 2014
Week 3. 3rd August 2014
Week 4. 10th August 2014
Week 5. 17th August 2014 Only 2 cygnets are now still alive.
Week 6. 24th August 2014
Week 7. 31st August 2014
Week 8. 7th September 2014