Pathway through the Ashhurst Domain, Ashhurst.  Palmesrton North Those trees are some of the oldest in the Domain.The Forgotten Bridge
This road bridge used to be the main gateway into and through, the Manawatu Gorge. When the gorge was closed due to major slips. The bridge now stands forgotten.Lake Wairarapa, Featherston,
Wairarapa Region, North Island, New Zealand.Sunset over the Wind Farm.The Shoe Fence on the way back from Cape Palliser. Southern Wairarapa, North Island, New ZealandI drive past these hills quite often but this day they really caught my eye.Early morning sunrise. Photo taken on a country road just outiside Woodville, New Zealand.Blackhead Beach in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Walking along the beach one minute, the tide rushing in the next, I had to run for the tree line.Sunrise at Herbertville Beach,
Tararua District, Manawatu Region.Sunset over the Wind FarmThe Road to Ocean Beach. The ocean beach coastline is very rugged, it has a beauty all of its own. Wairarapa region, North Island, New Zealand.The view from the hills of Flatpoint Beach. Wararapa Region, North Island, New Zealand.Early morning foggy sunrise, in the middle of summer.  I have taken many photos of these trees at different times of the year. The morning I took this photo the fog was rising.Castlepoint Lighthouse, Wairarapa region, North Island, New Zealand.Mataikona Rocks, can only be seen at low tide. These formations are the result of Pacific Ocean compressing the sandstone over time and then buckled and bent by colliding tectonic plates. Herbertville Sunrise 18th March 2019Herbertville Sunrise 18th March 2019Herbertville Sunrise 18th March 2019Herbertville Sunrise 18th March 2019The Seaweed Tree, Herbertville 2019Herbertville Sunset 13th March 2019 Herbertville Sunset 13th March 2019  The rainbow just appeared and it was stunning.Herbertville sunset 12th March, 2019 Herbertville Sunrise "Stunning Red" 27/3/19Herbertville 27/3/19Herbertville Sunrise 27/3/19Herbertville Sunrise 27/3/19Herbertville 2019
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