Black Swan Photo taken at Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Waikanae.












NZ Kaka is a large forest dwelling parrot. Photo taken at Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre. NZ Tui feeding on flax flowers. Photo taken, Manawatu Gorge walk car park, Ashhurst endNZ Tui (juvenile) Photo taken in the evening (new years eve). Manawatu Gorge Walk car park, Ashhurst end.NZ Bellbird,(adult) photo taken in the Ashhurst Domain, Ashhurst.NZ Bell Bird (juvenile) photo taken in the Manawatu Gorge car park, Ashhurst end.NZ Wood Pigeon (Kereru)NZ SilvereyeNZ FantailWhite-faced HeronPukeko (purple swamphen)Shining cuckoo is a summer migrant to NZ. They lay their eggs in their hosts, the grey warblers, nests.  New Zealand Fur SealMale New Zealand Fur Seal guarding his territory. NZ fur Seals, Feeding TimeA good resting place NZ fur seals, female & pupLong finned eels. Photo taken at Pukaha Mount Bruce.Monarch Butterflies, wintering over in Apollo Park, Palmerston NorthYellow Admiral ButterflyRed Admiral ButterflyTernsTernsBlack Swans
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